A day in the life of Maia, a former fashion model turned actor, journeying between her repressed memories and reality in the streets of New York City. Vera is a psychological portrait of a generation in the age of terror. 


"La Certa" (Perservera Productions)
A dark comedy set in the supernatural mountains of Abruzzo, Italy, about an American man, his extraordinary father and, of course, sex and death. 

"Station Blackout” (with Matt Black; Ineffable / DiBonaventura)  
*Winner, Sloan Screenwriting Award; Winner, Faculty Selects, Columbia University
Vanessa, a nuclear driver, must stop a meltdown that could render New York City uninhabitable for generations.

“Operation Looking Glass” (with Matt Black; Ineffable / DiBonaventura)
When a devastating cyberattack renders the US government blind, Secretary of the Interior John Mulligan finds himself aloft in "Looking Glass," a real world Air Force 747 modified to be an airborne command post, with the entire might of the US military at his fingertips...